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Web Hosting

Web hosting is the simplest way to add your website to the internet. If you have a website, it needs to be on the internet and it is only through web hosting that it will be possible. Choosing the right web hosting service is important as it is them who are responsible for making your website visible to the online world. Multiple factors such as bandwidth, security and compatibility need to be looked into before making a choice for your website. While some services just provide you with a plot for your website, other hosting companies create an entire website for you.

Web Hosting

A person with no experience can create a website but web hosting is all about practicality. A website needs to be linked to the internet and this service can only be provided by a trusted web hosting company.


Fayla PC is reliable and provides the technologies and services for your website to be visible online. If you do not have an existing domain name, we assist you in acquiring one and make your web address visible to the internet users. If you want a service that is quick and affordable, Fayla PC provides it!


We partner with services like Google, Microsoft and Rackspace to provide our customers with technological readiness and versatile solutions.